Event Feasibility Studies

Define Event Strategy & Objectives
bcnef advises on shaping a clear vision and mission of hosting large scale events. The strategic priorities of what the event should achieve are defined. These priorities are translated into clear and measurable objectives that guide the implementation of both the bid and event itself.

Venue Legacy Audit & Concept
Bcn event.fact assists public authorities and private entrepreneurs in appraising the costs and benefits of organising large scale events. It develops legacy concepts for venues considers economic, financial, social, urban development and environmental and legacy aspects.

Bid Development

When developing a candidature for a large scale event bcnef offers advice and services in the following areas to bidding entities:

Event concept planning
Formulate the operating concept of the event and draft the organisational structure of the organising committee. Developing the technical bid document for games operational areas, such as venues, security, technology, transport or finance.

Event budget development
Develop the costing of venue operational areas, such as temporary overlay, furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E), security, energy consumption, waste & cleaning, facility management, logistics and other operations.

Operational design reviews
Identifying and evaluating venue locations according to technical requirements of both the event owner and technical requirements. Developing block plans and operational venue designs for competition venues.

Event Operations Planning

Integrated Planning Program
Bcn event.fact provides the development and implementation of an integrated planning program across all functions of an organising committee. Such a program provides a structured framework for an organisation to move in a cohesive way from strategic planning, to operational planning, to training & rehearsals and finally the operations of the event.

Event Day Planning
Bcn event.fact conceives schedules and tools to assist with the planning of operational activities of the event. It authors strategic plans , operations plans, contingency plans, incident response plans and event day schedules for event operations, including venue management, spectator services, security, signage, site management and event logistics.

Venue Planning

  • Authoring or auditing venue operations plans.
  • Develop and negotiate venue agreements between event organisers and venue owners.
  • Validating architectural venue drawings with regards to their operational functionality, considering clients’ needs, vehicle and pedestrian flows, and accreditation systems. Optimise the quantity and cost of temporary overlay required to operate a venue.

Integrated Spectator Experience

Develop strategic and operational spectator services plans that encompass the overall experience of corporate and individual guests, moving from a pure ‘crowd marshalling’ perspective to an integrated customer perspective.

The approach aligns function planning and structure of security, signage, access control, ticketing, concessions, event production and social media across the organisation in order to increase the value created for spectators by the event.